If The Light Takes Us

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You guys may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been posting here very frequently. Or at all. If you want to continue following me, I’ve set up shop over meah if you feel so inclined


"The deities of the Norsemen, Goths, and Saxons were all mighty men of valour, or virile women of surpassing beauty; held up before their warlike posterity as splendid examples of natural nobility. But Christ! The god of Christendom! The Divine Exemplar! That majestic figure! What godlike deed did he ever do? What unconquerable sons did he begot? A god spiked to two pieces of crossed scanting! A god stabbed to death by a common sellsword! A god executed by order of a magistrate! How fitting a god of slaves, for he served as one in life, and in death!"

- Ragnar Redbeard